About Us

We uncover and maximize value for our stakeholders by delivering exceptional results and operational perfection.

At Metonic Real Estate Solutions, we offer a service unique to the Midwest. We are a real estate investment company dedicated to discovering value in markets that may have been overlooked by others. Our team of experts identify, negotiate and purchase real estate. We handle all aspects of the investment and execute strategic plans throughout the lifecycle of each asset to produce the highest returns. When a person or company invests with Metonic, we are partners.

Services Offered

Buying &
Selling Property

Metonic evaluates opportunities to acquire multifamily and commercial properties. From initial underwriting to executing purchase agreements, we manage the entire acquisition process.

As part of our strategic review, we routinely assess the optimal timing to capitalize on change to increase the value of our portfolio through market and capital cycles.

Asset Management Monitoring

Our Asset Management department actively operates and manages each asset through conducting routine site visits, frequent communication with on-site staff, monthly financial analysis, annual budget reviews, and quarterly investor reporting.

Each asset also has a business plan which incorporates our sense of the real estate market, capital availability and asset and portfolio level dynamics.

Comprehensive Investor Reporting

Metonic keeps investors informed through providing regular reporting via access to an online portal. Our Investor Relations department is available to assist throughout the investment life cycle in areas such as K-1 preparation, data management, and marketing and communications.

Core Values


We hold high standards of honesty and strong moral principles; we do what is right every time, all the time, with no exception. We are authentic.


We are progressive, enlightening forward-thinkers who engage in new ideas for better solutions, opportunities and results. We don’t rest on our laurels; we work toward improving every day to offer continued excellence as a company.


We are trustworthy advisors and advocates for our investors and colleagues. We utilize our expertise to develop beneficial strategies, thoughtful recommendations and clear paths to success.


We are dedicated to providing information and results in a timely manner. We hold ourselves to a high standard and recognize the value of our investors’ time.



We practice and encourage open communication with our investors and coworkers to ensure effective collaboration and transparency. This is a part of our commitment to excellence.



We are a group of experts from a diverse range of disciplines, fields and industries. Our collective, widespread experience from multiple fields enables us to deliver dynamic offerings and enhances our real estate returns and deliverables.